Benjamin Jeanty, 27, said he was a senior in high school when his father, a Haitian immigrant, Duvinson Jeanty, 63, decided to go to college, who was 53 years old at the time.

Watching his dad walk across the stage and receive his diploma was an indescribable feeling, he said.

“Never in a million years did I ever dream of going to school with my father,” Jeanty added. Continue reading “BEAUTIFUL! FATHER AND SON GRADUATE TOGETHER!”

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For something that is so restful, sleep requires a lot of thought and consideration. Both too little and too much sleep is associated with health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. Choosing the right sleep position can significantly affect snoring, heartburn, and even wrinkles. Here are a few tips about some common sleep positions.
Side Sleeping
Side sleeping is believed by most people to be a comfortable position to rest in-by curling up in a fetal position under a nice fuzzy blanket or laying straight on our sides. It is encouraged by doctors to sleep on their left side during pregnancy because improves circulation to the heart which is beneficial to the mother and the baby.
Pros: Sleeping on the left side is beneficial during pregnancy because it can ease heartburn and acid reflux.
Cons: Sleeping on the left side can put unwanted pressure on the stomach and lungs. One way to avoid this is to alternate sides while you rest. Sleeping on the side also comes with the “squished-arm-numbness”. This occurs when people use their arm to prop their head up. While using the arm is a common sleep position, it can adversely affect muscle and nerves. It can restrict blood flow, pinch nerves in the arm, and constrict muscles of the shoulder and neck. A US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health article shows that “shoulder pain is caused by postural immobility in the decubitus or side position during sleep. Prolonged pressure on the shoulder caused by the weight of the thorax can produce enough damage to cause subsequent shoulder pain.”
Stomach Sleeping
Pros: Stomach sleeping can ease snoring for most people.
Cons. Sleeping on the stomach is often regarded to as the worst sleeping position because it flattens the natural curve of the spine and strains it. This leads to lower back pain. Also, sleeping on the stomach forces you to turn your neck which strains the neck. The Sleep Advisor informs readers that sleeping on your stomach causes your neck to be twisted, which puts your spine and head out of alignment-leading to severe damage.
Back Sleeping
Pros: Sleeping on your back is a good position since the back is straight and the neck is in a neutral position. A Cleveland Clinic article confirms that back sleeping is best because gravity keeps your body centered. The spine is not forced or twisted into any positions. Back sleeping also allows the spine to receive full support that the mattress has to offer. Sleeping on the back also brings along cosmetic benefits. Sleeping with your face in the air, as opposed to in a pillow, leads to less facial wrinkles.
Cons: When a person is sleeping in a supine position, snoring and sleep apnea are far less likely. When we sleep on our backs, gravity forces the tongue to collapse into the airway, therefore obstructing breathing and causes snoring noises. An American Sleep Association article discusses how snoring is caused by the lack of smooth airflow, which causes vibrations and produces the snoring sound

Angry dad blasts R.Kelly Over alleged sex cult With his Underage Black Daughter

According to the father of one of R.Kelly’s girlfriends, R. Kelly is getting away with his alleged sex cult because America doesn’t care about underage black girls being victimized.
Angelo Clary told TMZ he’s incredulous Kelly isn’t facing the same fate as Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby and believes race is the only difference.
Angelo’s 20-year-old daughter, Azriel Clary, is one of the singer’s alleged victims.
Angelo says Azriel was 17 when she met Kelly to discuss her music career. He and Azriel’s mother were there, but he claims Kelly slipped his number to Azriel when they weren’t looking.
Shortly after that, Azriel moved in with R. Kelly.
Angelo hasn’t seen his daughter since and last spoke to her 8 months ago.

Another family, Joycelyn Savage’s family, also accused Kelly of cutting them off from their daughter. Just like the Savage family, Angelo says police told him there’s nothing they can do unless Azriel claims she’s being held against her will.
Last year July, BuzzFeed published an article alleging that singer R. Kelly was holding multiple young women — most of them 19 or in their early 20s — in various properties around the United States and forbidding them to leave what their parents described as a “cult.”
The women claim to be with Kelly of their own free will, but their families say that they’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
According to BuzzFeed’s report, the women in R. Kelly’s homes are forced to follow Kelly’s every instruction or face physical punishment.
The story followed several decades’ worth of lawsuits against R. Kelly that alleged he’d engaged in traumatizing sexual relationships with young women, some of them underage.
But few of the women named in those suits were willing to come forward and speak to the press, presumably at least in part because they’d signed nondisclosure agreements with Kelly in exchange for settlement money.
One of his victims who spoke out, Pace (maiden name Johnson) said she first met Kelly as a 15-year-old fan outside a court building when he was on trial for charges of child pornography in 2008.
She went to the proceedings daily, until Kelly’s acquittal. A year later, at age 16, she says she lost her virginity to R. Kelly.

Woman caught cheating, then she quickly pretends she’s a s3x doll

A video is going viral of a man being caught cheating on his girlfriend, and the length he goes to to try get away with it is RIDICULOUS.

According to the post on Facebook, he was busted by his girlfriend when about to do the dirty with another woman and decided to pretend that his ‘mate’ was a sex doll to get away with it.

 The girlfriend is understandably angry, and starts shouting: “What the Bleep is going on here? Who the Bleep is this?”
Dolll 0?resize=640%2C548

The guy responds: “It’s a bleeping sex doll” He goes the full way, too, even producing a receipt that he claims proves his purchase of the sex doll.

The other woman, for her part, is committed to the role, standing on the stairs frozen. The guy’s girlfriend is not having it though, and starts to push her. The half-Unclad woman even attempts to ask her to stop in a robot voice, but she can only go so far and snaps before starting to gather her things to leave.

Even this isn’t enough to get the unfaithful guy to drop his act. In fact, he doubles down, saying: “I’ve got a receipt. It is malfunctioning. I don’t know why she is moving. It comes with reflexes”

You’ve got to hand it to him, he is trying his very best to sell it. It’s probably for the best if this turns out to be fake. It doesn’t exactly paint human intelligence in the best light, does it?

There are some bits of friendly advice to take from this. In all relationships, honestly is the best policy. If you lie and then lie again to cover the first lie eventually you’ll be caught out.

The human mind isn’t smart enough to keep track of all of the possible strands of lies and the directions that they can take.

The second piece of advice that you need to bear in mind is that if you’re going to lie, make it believable for God’s sake. Things that sound ridiculous usually are.

The third and final piece of advice, if you forgot to follow the other two, is that if you’re caught red handed, just own up. It’ll be over quicker if you come clean.




Well, that same tradition continues today with the beautiful mother and daughter duo of Jenneva and Stacy. The two (in their 20’s and 40’s) are featured on the beach, both with incredible skin, incredible bodies and a confidence you can almost feel.

When we first were sent the viral photo above, it made us try to figure out who the mother really is too. But then our second thought was: who cares? They look gorgeous!!! And we left it at that. Because Black women are gorgeous anyway, but when you have a glow like these women, it’s hard not to be memorized and admire their beauty.

On her instagram, the daughter Jenneva shared this thought of how most of us have to know.

“It’s so weird that every time you see pictures of a fairly younger looking mother and a twenty something daughter there is always some damn body speculating on how old the mother was when she had the child.”

In this day and age with the food, medication and not to mention a ton of stress and pressure that get people down and age prematurely, we have to applaud this mother and daughter team.

If you can tell anything by the social media posts, it’s clear these two women have immense love for one another. They both are business owners with Jenneva operating a business online, and Stacy is the own of a salon studio.

On her website, Jenneva’s business mission is to “never forget you no matter your body type, shape, size or budget. We’re here to celebrate everyone’s shape, size and budget by providing you with fashion forward pieces that are affordable and of quality.” One word: Awesome!

Needless to say, we love them. And to all you mother and daughters out there, keep doing what you’re doing. We love you too!

So with that, we won’t tell you which one is the mother or daughter. Just know that black is beautiful!



You know how black folks are at a graduation ceremony: we want to celebrate. The announcer usually says, “Please hold all applause until the end.” But then Black families usually give the look like this:

It’s one thing for one person to graduate, but what happens when you have five people in one family graduate? That really calls for a celebration!

And what a celebration it will be for LaWanda Flennoy and her family this month! The grandmother’s two older daughters graduated from college this month, her youngest finished high school and her granddaughter graduated from kindergarten. But the Flennoy was also celebrating her own college graduation too!


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