Well, that same tradition continues today with the beautiful mother and daughter duo of Jenneva and Stacy. The two (in their 20’s and 40’s) are featured on the beach, both with incredible skin, incredible bodies and a confidence you can almost feel.

When we first were sent the viral photo above, it made us try to figure out who the mother really is too. But then our second thought was: who cares? They look gorgeous!!! And we left it at that. Because Black women are gorgeous anyway, but when you have a glow like these women, it’s hard not to be memorized and admire their beauty.

On her instagram, the daughter Jenneva shared this thought of how most of us have to know.

“It’s so weird that every time you see pictures of a fairly younger looking mother and a twenty something daughter there is always some damn body speculating on how old the mother was when she had the child.”

In this day and age with the food, medication and not to mention a ton of stress and pressure that get people down and age prematurely, we have to applaud this mother and daughter team.

If you can tell anything by the social media posts, it’s clear these two women have immense love for one another. They both are business owners with Jenneva operating a business online, and Stacy is the own of a salon studio.

On her website, Jenneva’s business mission is to “never forget you no matter your body type, shape, size or budget. We’re here to celebrate everyone’s shape, size and budget by providing you with fashion forward pieces that are affordable and of quality.” One word: Awesome!

Needless to say, we love them. And to all you mother and daughters out there, keep doing what you’re doing. We love you too!

So with that, we won’t tell you which one is the mother or daughter. Just know that black is beautiful!



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